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Band Jam It announces contest for most viewed music video


We're excited to announce the first of many contests that we'll be running throughout the year!

From Oct. 15-29, we'll be running a competition for MOST VIEWED MUSIC VIDEO.

Here's how it works: The video that achieves the most views during the week of Oct. 15-29, wins. We will only be counting video views from Oct. 15-29, so, musicians, be sure to encourage your fans to view your video during this time frame!

Contestants can upload and promote a new music video, or, encourage fans to check out an old video that you've already posted to the site.

The winner will be featured on the homepage, attracting eyes and international recognition. Three runners-up will also be featured.

We're inviting everyone to participate, from our artist base across the world, and look forward to seeing your work.

Find us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter @bandjamit for updates throughout the contest.

Happy jamming, and good luck!

-The Band Jam It team (Alysa, Joey, Ed)

Band Jam It is a music social networking website looking to provide users a friendly community relating to all things music. The website blends the concepts of user generated video content with a user based chatting feature toward this goal. Through the website users are able to upload their personal music videos so that the music interested public may learn how to play instruments/songs, listen to specific genres of music, or locate musicians based on geographical location and musical repertoire. A main premise of the site is that it is based around the general public and not famous musicians. This is unique in that it brings together a large mass of videos of unknown artists and organizes them in a useful manner. These are the initial functions of the site, or what we will refer to as Beta Phase. Proceeding further, the site will include many more features to be released in good time. Some examples are public forums relating to music and a classified section (think craigslist) in which users can buy and sell items relating to music. Although the Beta Phase will be geared towards the United States, the website will eventually expand globally.

Launched October 1st, 2011