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Bridget Donnellan

New York | 11731

United States


Piano/Keyboard, Flute

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Ed Donnellan

United States

Founder of Link Musicians

Chris D

New York NY United States

Bass/Keyboard player with over 35 years experience. Currently playing a Steinberger Spirit. Would like to find a relaxed...

Susan Donnellan

New York NY United States

Love God, my Family and Music!

Jay Hammad

New York NY United States

Love music although I do not play any istrument or sing! Appreciate it in all forms and varieties! May bandjamit rock on forever!

Joseph Fradelakis

New York NY United States

Co-Founder of Bandjamit.

If you like this site, please tell your friends with a simple Facebook status update! In...

Matt .

New Jersey NJ United States

I LOVE MUSIC!!! I've been playing piano since I was born (no kidding), and learned guitar about four years ago. I taught myself...