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Jerusha Pimentel

Utah |

United States


Ukulele, Vocals, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar

About me - My name is Jerusha Lynn Pimentel. I'm a college student in Iowa studying Art and English in Education, but I play a lot of music on the side. I mostly play the ukulele and I love doing covers--especially of my favorite oldies.



Joseph Fradelakis

New York NY United States

Co-Founder of Bandjamit.

If you like this site, please tell your friends with a simple Facebook status update! In...

Julian Oquindo

California CA United States

Just a fun loving guy who plays the ukulele!

Alejandro M.G.

Barcelona Spain

Well, I'm a violinist that's clear, hahaha. A lot of times I forget the technic and play following the way that my heart and...

Alexei D'Ath

New Zealand New Zealand

HELLO VIEWERS: I Am Alexei D'Ath , Young keen energitic character. I am a small started version of Peter Jackson, well hope to...


Marco Montero

Alajuela Costa Rica

Hi! I'm a costarican guitar player ! I've been playing guitar since my 14 birthday, the day my parents gave me my first...

Omar Giorgio Makhloufi

Italia Italy

I'm a 19 years-old boy and my hair is black (and also my beard...), but that's not the point! I've been seriously playing the...