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Justin Runkel

Pennsylvania | 15428

United States


Guitar, Drums, Bass, Other

About me - Hi! Im Justin and I play Guitar, Drums, Bass, and abit of keyboard. I mostly like Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, and Classic Rock the most but I listen to just about anything. Same goes for my style of playing my instruments.



Joseph Fradelakis

New York NY United States

Co-Founder of Bandjamit.

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Chris Foster

Tennessee TN United States

My name's Chris. I'm 15 years old. I play guitar and bass. I play alot of Punk Rock music as in Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day...

Ernesto Alamilla

Actopan Hidalgo Mexico

Hello, im Ernesto "Tigre Alpe" i was born in the town of actopan hgo,mx, i love play guitar & eat xD SUBSCRIBE!!! eiii