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Nikki Martinez

California |

United States


Harmonica, Bass, Vocals, Guitar

About me - I've been playing electric & acoustic guitar for 6 years. My major influences are Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Ellie Goulding. I plan on pursuing a career in music.



Joseph Fradelakis

New York NY United States

Co-Founder of Bandjamit.

If you like this site, please tell your friends with a simple Facebook status update! In...

Aron Sandefer

Michigan MI United States

Hey, My name is Aron Sandefer. I've been through some rough times and I'm only 19. The only thing that has kept me going is my...

Tanner Martin

Virginia VA United States


Francis Dove

Riga Region Latvia

“Francis Dove” musician, guitarist, vocalist, and composer from New Zealand. Is wishing to open and further aid the...


Missouri MO United States

I live in Branson Missouri and love to play music and make videos!


Evan Mays

New York NY United States

I am a artist and producer.