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Mackenzie Casey

| L9Z 2P2



Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Vocals

About me - I am 18 turning 19 in August. I moved a lot growing up. I guess you can call me a modern day Flower Child considering my parents were hippies in the 70's and raised me with out of the box beliefs. I thrive off of life and and the emotional, spiritual, and physical obstacles it throws me. I believe everyday is a lesson from the universe and without hurt and sadness you can never appreciate the true happiness and beauty of life. I am a young artist trying to live in a society full of conservative and closed minded people. My main outlet is playing the guitar while singing, especially with my friends. On the odd day, I will bring out my piano and play. I love being open minded, for me there is no better way to be.. To be honest, the best way to get to know me is talk to me in person. :) ♥ I enjoy coffee ... :3


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