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Rush Stick It Out Bass Cover daniB5000

Dani Balogh

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New Rush Bass Cover guys!!! A big contrast in styles to the first Rush song I covered from their 1982 'Signals' album. This one is a total Grunge, Alternative styled track from Rush's 1993 'Counterparts' album. This is a VERY difficult bassline. Especially when Geddy Lee goes on those chord runs. I think I did Ok on them but they're not always perfect, especially near the closing stages of the song. I really enjoyed learning this song. I lowered my bass bridge recently and it helped me a lot with comfort (especially when it came to the hammer-ons during the choruses), and, it also helped me with getting a close enough tone to Geddy's Jazz Bass with my Stingray. Now all I need to do is start singing and playing a foot synth next time I cover a Rush track.....haha.....yeah, ok, whatever :P Hope you guys enjoy the video and hey, lemme know what you guys think?!?!? All the best, and Rock on!!!! #Rush #BassCover #Counterparts

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