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Rosie Schroyer

Florida | 32216

United States


Other, Violin, Tambourine, Bass, Vocals, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar

About me - I am Rosie, I have been singing without lessons all my life and I have been playing guitar for a little over three months... I'm not all that good but I sure do love making music and as long as I know I can continue to challenge myself and learn to be a true musician someday I will still strive to teach myself new heights and believe in myself. I play bass, electric, acoustic and sing in my own side project called The Gnarly Dipshit. As well as The Sun Kings with my beloved Michael, who plays the blues guitar better than any other mother fucker I know. If you wanna be friends or collaborate, be my guest! I could always use more music buddies.


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United States, Florida

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This is a cover of me singing a BRMC favourite of my past and I wanted to have a video...

United States, Florida

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