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scott mills

| ol11 4nf

United Kingdom


Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Bongo drum

About me - "You didn't think that every dog has it's day now mine's arrived" After the demise of his previous band Tommy Roberts decided to form a band that had been in his mind for sometime reflecting the diverse influences he has in his playing and writing. From Dionne Warwick to AC/DC, Paco de Lucia to Jimmy Page, ELO to The Clash. Tommy wanted something that was purely about the music, for people who enjoy music and not just genre's! "It's not over, it's the beginning of the rise!" After enlisting good friends Jimmy Williams and Jack White on rhythm guitar and bass, the 3 of them set search for a drummer and vocalist who would have extensive vocabularies in music. Not long did it take for them to find vocalist Scott Heaton who gelled with the band vision from the start collaborating with Tommy on the track "Absence is Distant (and Distant Works)" making it a first of many to come. Then the band found sticks man Dave Lang to complete the line up and start rehearsing the bands set of diverse and eclectic songs built from a back catalogue of Tommy and Scott. "Tonight... I really need you here tonight.... and not tomorrow" In a live setting is where the flames start to not only flicker but engulf a crowd with an injection of eclectic alt rock what is as much a visual show as it is an orgasm in the ear, the record shows from their first gig getting them a slot on the great Salford Music Festival and their second gig earning them a outstanding review from Joe Mckenna at Manchester Rocks ( ) "There's a rope we all must climb, sink or swim" The band completed a day recording session at Rusholme's Antwerp Mansion to put out the demo E.P "At The Mansion" with a view to complete an albums worth of material later in the year with a working title "Christaned by the Son". With a slot on the Salford Music Festival in September and gigs being booked throughout the UK "I Invented Fire" are not setting out to re-invent anything but to innovate, produce and share! Thank You IIF


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