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Kiana Gibson

Florida | 33157

United States



About me - Ehllo everyone :) I'm Kiana, I am 17 years old and I LOVEEEE playing the drums.. If i could, I would, most likely; Marry it. I am truly blessed in my opinion with such a wonderful talent. I thank Jehovah everyday. If your taking the time to read this.. thats insane and MEANS ALOT. I truly feel so whack and cheesy writing this but hey its all VERY TRUE! :) About me haha thats funny its not about me its about you because your watching my video which means YOUR AWESOME KTG+Drums= FUN! (and this is why I'm not a mathematician )


My Videos

Kiana- Katy Perry ft. Kanye West-

Kiana- Katy Perry ft. Kanye...

drum cover and remix of Katy Perry E.T ft.Kanye West/ Solely For your entertainment! :)

United States, Florida

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