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Lizzie Cates

Nevada | 89704

United States


Vocals, Guitar

About me - Hello BandJamit. My name is Lizzie Cates. I am currently 16 years old. I am a country singer/song writer. I have been writing songs about normal real life since I was five years old. To me song writing isn't just about the music and the words. It is the meaning of the song. Who and what I wrote it about. My goal with my songs is to write about real experiences where when I sing the song, it takes me right back to that place of the memory. Song writing may just be a hobby, but for me it's my way of life and how I speak to people. Song writing to me, is known as my "runaway". I chose to be a country singer because I grew up with country. My grandma absolutely adored and lived through country music. My grandma was a huge inspiration in my life. I always wrote country but I always did it in secret. I only showed people my more pop-ish kind of songs and hard rock. But the day my grandma passed away, I knew I was supposed to be country. I knew that day I wouldn't be trying to reach my dreams for me, but in her honor. Here is a little something about me to get to know me. :) I hate wearing shoes. I love cowboy boots. I love playing my guitar out on my front porch in the middle of summer nights. I absolutely love the rain. Thunderstorms are my favorite thing in the whole world. Funny story, I used to be terrified of thunderstorms and I used to try to hide from them, but one day I decided to face my fear and learn to love something I hate. Now it is my favorite thing. I don't give up easily, especially if it comes to music. I say "like" way too much. I don't forget people. Thank you for your time to get to know me a little and listening to my music. Have I met you yet? Well, not yet. Haha. Love you guys! -Lizz