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Piano/Keyboard, Other

About me - I play on my digital-piano sometimes, but mostly I'm working with 8-bit, real 8-bit, not that GXSCC-crap. The difference is just that my stuff can be played on a real NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System ) and that it sounds like correct 8-bit of course. 8-bit doesn't means "crappy-noises", listen to one good VRC6-Remix and you'll see what I mean. ( VRC6 = an expansion soundchip for the Japanese NES ) I really like 8-bit, so I started making cover's and most recently also original's. ( Those original's are based on the way Capcom made their songs for Mega Man, a real classic game. ) Anyways, I see that I explained more about 8-bit than about other things, so ... Well, I also work with Blender3D, a 3D-Modeller, Animator and Game-Engine in one. I think that's it, I hope I'll see you soon.



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