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Steven Ostroske

Ohio |

United States


Ukulele, Saxophone, Bass, Vocals, Guitar

About me - Junior at Ohio University studying audio/music production. I love making music, but can't stick to one style, so I always have multiple projects in the works -

Say, I Am - Acoustic/Alternative - 1st EP "Shades" released on 11.21.2011

Currently Unnamed Project - Progressive Metal/Deathcore - Full length "Awake in Silence" to be released very soon

Ingest the Cassette (Project with Zach Sebastian) - Ambient/Chillwave/Electronic - Writing to begin once we return to school after winter break

Download "Shades" EP here! - (it's free, yo)


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Shades EP Preview

Preview of the tracks from my new EP. Available at and on iTunes!

United States, Ohio

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E.T. (Katy Perry)...

Metal cover of Katy Perry's E.T. Here I'm just playing along with the previously...

United States, Ohio

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